N: 47  -  10/01/2013
Important mail to all delegates from Christopher Milford, UEMS General Secreetary
Dear friends,

When we last met in Vilnius you will remember that Karl kindly agreed to continue in his role as President of UEMS (ORL) beyond the point when he would normally have demitted office (at our next meeting in Geneva in 2013). In view of his excellent leadership over the past 4 years this seemed like a perfect arrangement for everyone concerned.Unfortunately, for purely personal reasons, Karl now finds that this will not be possible and he will indeed be demitting office this year.
Firstly I am sure you will join me in thanking him for his excellent leadership of our group over the past 4 years, and for his ‘boundless’ energy – he has worked incredibly hard on our behalf to ensure that UEMS (ORL) has continued to further the cause of ORL as a surgical specialty throughout Europe. We certainly hope that, once he has demitted, he will have a little more time in his hectic schedule to devote to his department in Mannheim and to see more of his family.
This clearly means that in Geneva we will need to vote for a new President and I would be grateful for your thoughts on possible candidates for this role. If anyone would be keen to put themselves forwards for this important position could you please contact me so that we can organise a vote in Geneva. If you would find it easier to discuss things on the telephone my cell is +447731668297 and I would happily discuss any issues you wish to raise. I look forward to hearing from anyone with an interest in the role.

Best wishes,

Chris Milford

ORL UEMS Section