N: 41  -  29/07/2012
Sub-specialty group work
Dear group Chairs and delegates,

It is now August 2012 and the only 4 sub-specialty groups that have reported progress in their work (at least the only 4 groups who have copied us into their work) for Vilnius appear to be:
• Head & Neck under the chairmanship of Ulrik
• Phoniatrics under the chairmanship of Christiane
• Audiology/Vestibulology under the chairmanship of Kajsa-Mia
• Paediatrics under the chairmanship of Tomas

We would be grateful if you could up-date us regarding your progress on the task of producing an agreed logbook to present in Vilnius (now ONLY 2 months away!).The meeting will consist almost entirely of providing feedback/discussion on this work. If it has not been undertaken it could be a short meeting!
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Chris Milford (UEMS ORL Section and Board General Secretary)
Karl Hörmann (UEMS ORL Section and Board President)

ORL UEMS Section