N: 54  -  20/08/2013
Dear delegates:

We look forward to welcoming you to Geneva in October. Francis has organised things with his normal Swiss efficiency and we are anticipating an enjoyable and productive meeting.

We attach the programme for the meeting and you will note:

1. The chairs of the sub-specialty groups will be presenting (hopefully) the finished documents regarding the logbook/curriculum for their sub-specialty areas. If you are presenting in this session I did ask (in an earlier e mail) to make efforts to liaise with the relevant European sub-specialty society in an attempt to obtain some agreement/endorsement of the document. If you have not managed to achieve this by the time of Geneva you will be asked to pursue this prior to its posting on the website.

2. Much of the meeting is devoted to discussing how UEMS ORL should be organised in the future and how it might interact with the Confederation of European ORL (and Marc Remacle, current President of CEORL will be attending to provide us with his view of how we might co-operate in the future and then will participate in a question/answer session on this subject). Dr Hans-Peter Ulrich (MaxFax surgeon from Germany) will also be in attendance - he is a Vice-President of the Executive of UEMS and will be able to take any questions you may have regarding the future/organisation of UEMS in Brussels.

In order to inform any debate on these issues, Maria will be posting several papers on the website. These include Statutes of UEMS and updated papers on the subject. Although rather ´dry´ in themselves, they will give you an idea of how UEMS functions and this may help you when discussing/debating the future organisation of UEMS ORL and its possible relations with CEORL, etc.

Once again, we look forward to seeing you in Geneva,

Christopher Milford Karl Hörmann
General Secretary President

ORL UEMS Section